Find the Little Way of Motherhood.

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Motherhood—Don’t lose sight of the gift!

Christine M. Hanus

Mother of 5 and Author of Everyday Heroism

Hi, Moms, I’m Christine.

Believe it or not, it took me over 20 years to write this book called Everyday Heroism, because, ironically, I’m not Super Mom™️! To discover more about why I wrote it, read the short preface to my book here.

Though Everyday Heroism is primarily designed as a 28 day “recharge” for busy moms, with an emphasis on reflection and prayer, it can also be read straight through as a cohesive exploration of Catholic spirituality and motherhood.

I hope you find Everyday Heroism smile-provoking, prayer-inducing, and heart-lifting.

Love on!

Do you suspect that Oprah, Instagram, and your well-meaning peers might not have the wisdom you need?

You want to find balance.

You love being a mom, but you don’t want to lose touch with who you are.

The modern woman is not particularly happy.

You’re trying to do things differently than what “everyone else is doing.”

You desire more of God in your life.

You know that tapping more fully into your faith is the way to go.

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These 28 Reflections on the Little Way of Motherhood will:

Make you smile.

Stories, quotes, quips, and perspective. It’s all good!

Help you pray.

Intimacy with Christ is the key. Learn how to connect with the God who loves you.

Give you hope.

“Never, ever give up on hope. Never doubt, never tire and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”
— St. John Paul II

Funny, humble, warm, wise—Christine Hanus manages to be all these things to the mother in the trenches.

Claire Dwyer

Author of This Present Paradise: A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and editor of

Start on your Little Way.

Buy for yourself or for a mother in your life!

As wise as it is humorous, this heart-to-heart meditation is guaranteed to cheer and inspire those who do the deepest work of all: mothers.

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Mary Eberstadt

Author of Adam and Eve After the Pill, Revisited

What other moms have to say about Everyday Heroism:

Your words spoke to me with a resounding sense of sisterhood: comforting, empathetic, mindful and spiritual. From the daily prayers to the thoughtfully written stories, this book will inspire mothers to live closer to God in their everyday tasks, which in turn will deliberately create faithful children.

— Stacey S, Mother of 4

Bravo! Everyday Heroism is an engaging read which offers clarity and support for those on the often confusing path through motherhood! Spiritual and practical, from her heart to ours!

— Theresa C, Mother of 5


Christine M. Hanus

“Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your head.” –Martin Mull.

After Christine and her beloved husband had five children in 9 years, Christine sat in her figurative bowling alley and wrote about family life. Everyday Heroism is her first book. As a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville and a fan of the Catholic spiritual life, she has spent many years applying the wisdom of her faith, along with old-fashioned common sense, to raising and educating her children who are now young adults. She is homemaker, catechist, writing instructor and novice grandma.

Christine writes blog posts for, and various other organizations.

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